Bracelet Watches Women Love

Bracelet Watches Women Love

In the last couple of years, secret watches have become très chic and popular within the high jewelry category of women’s timepieces. From most women’s perspectives, all high-end bracelet watches are magnificent. Many, as you’ll see, are more about the diamonds than the practical aspects of telling time. Sure, the dial is always present, but unless you have an intricate eye for measurement, it’s not all that easy to read the precise time on one of these stunning pieces of jewelry.

The word exquisite comes to mind when reviewing today’s selection of high-end bracelet watches. The craftsmanship involved in making a quality timepiece is one thing; the creativity necessary to overlay a detailed bracelet design in addition, takes extraordinary skill. Sometimes a jeweler and a watchmaker team up to create these types of pieces. Most of our favorite luxury watchmaking brands keep top designers on-staff – who know exactly how to simplify the process.

The results are often limited-edition pieces with a few options that allow wearers to customize them. We have hand-selected some of the most unusual and diamond-laden bracelet watches in the world. As high jewelry bracelet watches go, these are the crémé de la crémé.

1. Piaget Limelight Exceptional Piece Secret Ribbon

ribbon piaget

This 18-carat white gold masterpiece is made in the style of ribbons. It includes 187 baguette-cut diamonds and 78 brilliant-cut diamonds – both helping to give it that “wow” factor. The 18-carat white gold bracelet is set with 250 baguette-cut diamonds. As if that isn’t enough, the mother-of-pearl dial is set with 37 brilliant-cut diamonds. One would need a body guard to tag along when wearing this unique and contemporary piece of jewelry. In today’s world where faux jewelry is everywhere – we’re certain this piece would not be mistaken. Price: $1.6 Million

2. Chanel Sous Le Signe du Lion

Chanel Sous Le Signe du Lion

With 633 brilliant-cut diamonds and four brilliant-cut black diamonds, Chanel’s high jewelry “Constellation du Lion” is uniquely stylish. The diamond star was used by Coco Chanel in her 1932 diamond collection. This was the inspiration for this watch as the motif is still stunning today. The lion is sculpted from rock crystal and looks luminous and majestic. The lucky woman who wear this will surely be noticed for her impeccable taste,  stylish mode and discretionary income. Price: Not Available

3. Chopard Owl Watch

Owl watch by Chopard

This fascinating timepiece is a part of Chopard‘s Animal World collection, which won the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in 2010 (jewelry category). White and rose gold, 7-carats of trapeze-cut diamonds, 2-carats of brilliant-cut diamonds and 4-carats of sapphires make up the owl’s face and dials. The black satin wristband is stylish and make the owl really stand out. It’s fun, sophisticated and highly creative – not to mention expensive. Price: $250,000

4. Piaget Love Letter Limelight

Piaget Love Letter Limelight

Isn’t this design spectacular? It’s so simple, refined and lovely. One would never know this is a watch. 18-carat white gold is the perfect complement to 314 brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh in at 5.1 carats. If you prefer a black satin strap, you might save $30-40,000, but you must admit the diamond strap is magnificent. When you open the envelope, the time is displayed. Price: $190,000

5. Brequet Secret de la Reine

Brequet Secret de la Reine

Secret watches are being introduced more often as wealthy women want their watches to appear more high jewelry than timepieces. This was the style in the early part of the 1900s as women were not often sporting wristwatches and particularly not with evening attire. The other practical element of the “secret” design is the cover protects the watch. This model was introduced last year to rave reviews. The bracelet is intended to look like loops of pleated ribbon. The high-tech part of the watch is the date display – press the cameo rose cover and it is revealed. Available in white or rose gold. Price: $33,500

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